Welcome To Riva International

At Riva International are committed to provide clients with consistent quality, timely delivery, efficient services and the most economic price for all our importers. The company has policy of total quality assurance and for the same a fully automated plant and stresses on quality like no other.

Riva International is the pioneer manufacture and exporter of quality dyestuffs, pigment emulsions and chemical and solvents house cleaning chemist.

Private Label Products

Private label products are goods and services created by one company to be sold and branded by another company.

Be it for the Riva International renowned brands or for our very local ones, Riva International welcomes all of them from all scales of beauty industry for partnering us in manufacturing. We tailor manufacturing solutions encapsulated with a dynamic infrastructure, expert product developers, world class-testing facilities and adept dermatologists. Let your brand image be applauded for an impeccable quality and efficacy with us! We will provides private label only on cosmetics products.