Welcome To Riva International

Established in the year 2017 Riya International & Export Ltd, has emerged as one of the leading manufactures and exporters in the Indian sub-continent today.

As 100 Percent export-oriented manufacturing unit Riva International is surging ahead with growth and export to many of the key organizations across the world. South East Asia, Far East, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America as well as USA and neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, & Sri Lanka, Since its inception the company’s prime motto has been to serve customers with high quality dyestuff and pigments.

Company Vision

At Riva International our vision is to produce high quality coupled with satisfying services to the client across the globe. The growing acceptance of our products has made us more responsible and hardworking. We are continuously upgrading our output process with environmental friendly infrastructure.

Sound Manufacturing and R&D Facilities

The Manufacturing facilities of Riva International are located in Surat, the Manchester of India and are equipped with state of art machinery like spray dryer, reverse osmosis membrane, close circuit clarifies. The extremely hardworking and skilled management develops products of highest quality at competitive prices. It is this perseverance of maintaining quality that has enabled the organization to produce the best quality dyestuff in the industry Riva International.

All manufacturing units have R&D centres backed by well-qualified and experienced technologies.

For the thrust in research laboratory facilities, the organization has installed photo spectrometer, computerized colour matching system, ultraviolet photo spectrometers, HPTLC, TLCC, computerized dying equipments, washing light fasteners, testing equipments, pad batch systems and printing tables to assure the consistency of the products and leverage company growth.

The company has steadily forayed into manufacturing of textile auxiliaries for textile dyeing, printing and finishing along with dyestuffs & pigments for textile, leather paper, printing ink, soap & detergent industries.

Commitment to Consistent Quality

At Riva International are committed to provide clients with consistent quality, timely delivery, efficient services and the most economic price for all our importers. The company has policy of total quality assurance and for the same a fully automated plant and stresses on quality like no other.

Wide range of applications

Riva International is the pioneer manufacture and exporter of quality dyestuffs, pigment emulsions and chemical and solvents house cleaning chemist.

Reactive Dyes, Direct Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Acid Dyes, Cosmetics, Pigment Emulsions